IFSC Handi Escalade Championat de Monde Moscou (RUS)

Date: 15 Sep 2021 - 17 Sep 2021

Event Category: IFSC World Championship

IFSC World Championships are held every two years in uneven years. Competition applications require an IFSC athlete license, the whole registration and selection process is handled by your national federation.

Catégories : AL, AU, B, RP

Place :
CSKA Sports Complex
Leningradský prospekt, 39 строение 1
125167 Moscow

Qualifications: CSKA Sport Complex, Leningradský prospekt, 39 строение 1, Moscow, Russia, 125167

Finals: ul. Luzhniki, 24, стр 24, Moscow, Russia, 119270

Plus d'information: Site web d'événement